Hot Aire!

Hot Aire! in its current form, came into being in January 1989. It was the amalgamation of two youth musical groups that had both come to an end in the autumn of 1988.

Barry "Baz" Stephens, seeing the continuing need for a musical provision in the area, contacted the former players of both groups proposing the formation of a new band, that would meet on Saturday mornings. The enthusiasm for an outfit that would only play "their kind of music", was reflected in the initial turnout: reputedly at least 50 players!

The band's name and look came from suggestions from the players. It has always been the ethos of Hot Aire! that the players have a voice in all aspects of the running of the band regardless of their age.

After six months of rehearsal, an inaugural concert was given, for free, in the halls of Beckfoot Grammar School. The reception so great, that the already swelled numbers had even more youngsters asking to be a part of this very unique band, and a junior band had to be formed in the September to cater for the extra demand.

Over the years, the band has evolved into a Community Band, with the gradual inclusion of adults, and the maturing "youth" not wanting to move on. We now boast players from eight to eighty plus! The only requirement is to be Young At Heart.